Engineered Pump Systems

Why Us? Our Advantages

The Experience

More than three decades of job file records kept on site. This covers thousands of our equipment installations and provides for full records keeping. All that is required is a job name, address, file number, control panel serial number, and installation timeline or product serial number to gain access to the wealth of data that has been retained. (Files dating back to 1982). On a service question, product retrofit, or upgrade, having access to the old data takes the guess work away.

“job ready” equipment

Products and systems are shop assembled to the fullest extent possible by our experienced staff when the pumps are sold with our accessories and /or factory built packages. This makes the equipment “job ready” and saves money and countless hours on site which benefits the end user with a better installation.

Application assistance

Application assistance for suitable pump selections for HVAC, water booster, sewage pumps, effluent disposal pumps, low pressure sewer, and storm water pumps from residential and commercial to municipal civil and process applications.

Field Service

Field service crew and fully equipped service truck (with crane) providing preventative maintenance inspections, emergency callouts (8am to 4:30pm) and start up supervision and certification for new installations.

Great Customer Service

Customer service assistance help line for all trades. Troubleshooting services with experienced staff to keep you moving forward.

Large inventory

Large inventory of pumps, control panels, float switches, valves, hatch covers, pipe, and fittings on hand for “one stop shopping”

Beat All Competitors

Parts inventory that beats all competitors for our brand product lines represented (and some weird stuff too.)

Our Test Center

Test Center with test tank for up to 75 hp (460v) also usable at lower hp in many other voltages.

Authorized factory repair and warranty depot on the products that we represent.

Engineered Pump Systems